5 Seasons of Success

Let’s talk success, shall we?

What I’m going to share with you is not anything new. This is not something you’ve never heard before, but I want to present it to you in a new way.

Success is not a place. It's a process. Better stated…

Success is a process, not a place. Right? It's not a destination; it's not somewhere you go. You are continually moving along through the journey of life, to different phases and different levels of success.

Success is a process, not a place.

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I was brushing my teeth the other morning, when God gave me an image of the process of success as a tree growing from a seed. He very quickly revealed to me 5 distinct seasons of success. Then immediately after reminded me of a couple verses from the bible.

The first is Psalm 1:3, which for many of you is probably a very familiar scripture.

“And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth his fruit in his season. His leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever he do it shall prosper.”

The second one is Jeremiah 17:8, which it goes into a little bit more detail and better articulates the importance of the different seasons.

“For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.”

So basically, the scripture is saying that when the heat comes or when the pressure comes, it's not going to destroy you. It's not going to cause you to wither. You won’t be affected by periods of drought. You don't have to worry about when lack happens in the world. That means you don't have to worry about recession taking place in the world’s economy because in the kingdom economy there is no recession. There is no drawing back. There is no lack. But you have to be rooted and planted in HIM!

You see...In the Kingdom of God, there is an unlimited amount of success. There's an unlimited amount of resources, no matter what that resource is. So you can call on joy whenever you need it. You can call on a prosperity whenever you need it. You can call on healing whenever you need it. There is no lack in the Kingdom of God.

However there are seasons of success. It is important for you to be able to identify where you are in the process so you know how to do business. How to move forward in your purpose and your calling. Whatever it is that God has created you to do. What God showed me is there are five seasons of success, and the very first one is the seed.

Season #1: The Seed

God sows a seed of faith in you by giving You a vision. God gives You a vision of what it is that he's called you to do, what? What your life looks like in partnership with him. And this is what initiates the process of success. Now, one thing about the seed, the seed will remain dormant until it is sown. So you can have all the seeds in the world and have them laid out on the table. You can put them anywhere, but until it is sown into the ground, then it will remain dormant. It's the same way with us. Until the seed is sown in our hearts, it will remain dormant. But here's the beautiful thing about the seed. Everything. I mean everything, is in the seed. The entire tree is in that tiny seed.

Until the seed is sown in our hearts, it will remain dormant.

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So think about this. The root system is in the seed. The tree trunk is in the seed. The leaves are in the seed. The fruit is in the seed. The blossoms are in the seed. Everything that we see above and below the ground when we look at a tree, the full manifestation of the tree, is already inside that teeny tiny seed. But the seed must be sown in order for it to produce the potential that's in it. In order for you to reach your full potential in God, the seed of the word of God has to be sown within you. That’s why God gives you the vision, because in order for his plan, for his kingdom be advanced, for his plan to take place or to be initiated on this earth, he has to sow it within somebody.

When God sows the seed of the vision in you, everything is encapsulated in that seed. You already have everything you need to become or to create that vision and turn it into a reality. But what has to happen is that seed has to be developed. That's the second season of success.

Season #2: Development

Now Development is not a pretty process, right? The seed is sown into the ground. The ground is a dark, cold and damp place. In other words, this process happens privately. Development is a private experience. It is a process that happens between you and God. This is when God begins to deal with you about some of the things that are in you that needs to get out, in order for you to birth the thing that he has given you. This is where the roots are established. A tree cannot stand without the development of the root system. The tree cannot be sustained without the roots. That is where the tree gets its nourishment from. That is what draws minerals and nutrients from the soil. And so the same way with us in our success journey, we have to first establish roots. We have this first establish our foundation in Christ Jesus in order for us to be able to withstand.

Going back to Jeremiah where it talked about when the heat comes that the leaf will remain green. If you don't have a deep root system, if you haven't been firmly established in God, especially when it comes to the vision that he's given you, if you try and go out and just immediately and do it all and don't allow time for God to develop it and to give you the fullness of the vision, then you'll go forth and when the pressure comes, you'll wilt, you'll cave in, you'll give up. It is important for you to go through the process of development. When you allow development to happen, you make way for season three to come. The third season of success is breakthrough.

Season #3:  Breakthrough

In this season, your private development begins to show evidence on the outside. That's when you start to see the evidence of what's been going on internally, the work that God has been doing in you. That's when you begin to see the evidence of it on the outside, but only those who are close to you will recognize it. Only those who are close to you will be able to see the breakthroughs, to begin to see the evidence of the thing that’s been taking place on the inside of you. Because when it first emerges it is something really small, right? When a seed start first begins to break forth from the ground it’s tiny and you have to be close in order to see it. So those people who are your closest, that close knit circle that you have, only they will be able to see the breakthrough process taking place in you because it's small.

It began small but will continue to grow, and that is the fourth season of success…growth.

Season #4: Growth

As you continue to grow, you can now see clearly evidence of what is happening in you. That is also when other people begin to notice the shifts. You start seeing manifestations, especially when it comes to vision. That's when things start happening for you. Doors start opening for you. People start calling upon you for your gift, because they're starting to see the evidence themselves. They're starting to see that growth in you. It is visible from afar off what is happening on the inside of you. It's clear that the vision of God is coming to pass in your life, however, it is not the fullness of it.

Season #5: Blossoming

This is where you start to bring forth the full fruit of the development and growth that has taken place, or it is when you begin to see the full evidence of the inner work that has taken place on the inside of you. This is a beautiful season because you have much fruit. That little tiny seed that got sowed in you has become much fruit and you have enough to share. That is when you're able to freely of the thing that God has blessed you with. You're able to freely give of the of the gifts of the fruit, of the gifts of the thing that God has given you, the fullness of that vision.

I like to use the example of an apple tree. If you think about it this way, the apple tree, when you plant the apple seed in the ground, the tree takes root, breaks through the ground, begins to grow then blossoms and produces the fruit of the tree, the Apple. If you take the fruit of the tree, you take the fruit of the seed, right? Because the fruit was already in the seed. So when you take the fruit of the seed and you cut it open, what's on the inside? More seed. There's more seed on the inside of the fruit. What happens next is more seed is sown. You've got more seed to sow which begins the process all over again. You go right back into the season on the seed!

Again, your success is a process. It is not a place you cannot arrive. You may plateau and in success, but you'll never arrive at a place of success because success is a process. It is a continual process. Where we mess up is we start to see some fruit taking place in our life, then we want to sit back and rest on our laurels. But no not so. You have to keep on growing. You have to keep on going through the process and allowing God to develop you so that you can continue to bring forth much fruit. That much fruit is where your generational wealth comes from.

I'm big on purpose. I talk all the time about how you were created on purpose and for a purpose. Your purpose is connected to your prosperity, but you have to allow God to do the work. You have to allow that development, the root system, to take place and to spread out so that you can be like that tree that's planted by the rivers of living water. This is the way you ensure you don’t wither in seasons of drought because you are tapped into the eternal resources of God.

Every single ounce of prosperity that you need is within the seed of purpose that God placed on the inside of you and the gifts, skills, talents, and abilities that he placed in you. He's coming back expecting a return on his investment. Just like the parable of the talents. God has sown seeds of gifts, skills, abilities and talents in you. And when he returns, he’s going to want to know what it is that you have done with the gifts that he has placed on the inside of you. What did you do to impact his kingdom? What did you do to empower, equip, and evangelize for him because it is not just for you. It is for his kingdom. So my, my beloveds. I want you to go forth and prosper in the thing that he has called you to do.

If you’re not sure what your purpose is, I have a free workbook that will walk you through questions and activities designed to help you uncover your unique purpose. Not only that, but identify how you can use it to create the prosperity God has for you.

Pinpoint Your Purpose Guide

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  1. I have heard this about other things in life, such as writing, but never success. I love it! And thank you for breaking it down so nicely.

    1. Rachael, thank you for taking the time to comment. I am so glad you found this post to be valuable. Go forth and prosper in the process of success!

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