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#stressawarenessmonth Day 3

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Day 3 tip for #stressawarenessmonth is to #Meditate

In today’s world we are bombarded with so much noise. While technology has been a huge game changer and a blessing in many respects, it has also given rise to mental chaos.

Our brains are always “on.” We have difficulties getting to sleep at night or concentrating on priority projects because we can’t quiet the thoughts racing around in our heads.

Having a regular meditation practice can help retrain our brains to slow down the ticker tape of our mind so we can focus on what needs to get done.

Meditating for even 5 minutes a day can go a long way to reduce stress.

When I first started my meditation practice, just silencing my mind for 1 minute was a challenge.

Let me tell you…You’d be surprised at the level of traffic going on in your mind.

If you’re just starting out, I encourage you to use a guided meditation. Apps like Headspace or Calm are great tools. You can even do a search on YouTube for “guided meditation”. There are literally hundreds of videos available from just a few minutes to an hour.

One of the great things about meditation as a stress reliever is you can do it anywhere at any time.

There are many types of meditation, such as body scan, mantras, prayer, or read & reflect. My favorite form is deep breathing.

You get comfortable in your chair or on the floor, take a couple deep breaths and gently close your eyes. You then simply focus all of your attention on listening and feeling yourself inhale and exhale through your nose. When you notice your mind has wandered you just gently return your focus back to your breathing. When you’re ready you gently open your eyes and go on with your day.

Easy peasy, right?

So get your meditation on!


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