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#stressawarenessmonth Day 1 – Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation

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In order to play full out in your purpose, you have to show up as your best self. That means doing all you can to reduce stress. 

Today’s tip for reducing stress is to do some light yoga. . For the faith based community, yoga can be perceived as “woo woo” or new age, but I’m not talking about it being a spiritual practice of Hinduism or Buddhism. 

I’m talking about the specific movements and stretches that shift your mental focus from worry and stress to mind/body balance. 

There are over 100 types of yoga that incorporate a mix of breathing exercises, meditation and poses that stretch and flex different muscle groups. . There are many poses that you can do without any special equipment or attire to help with mental clarity and calmness, relaxing your mind, relieve stress and sharpen your concentration.

Adventure Yogi has 10 recommended poses to try out right at your desk.

1. Seated Crescent Moon

2. Chair Pigeon

3. Sit and Stand Chair Pose

4. Standing Seal Pose

5. Wrist and Finger Stretches

6. Desk Chaturanga

7. Desk Upward Dog

8. Eagle Arms

9. Seated Twist

10. Restorative Pose

Check out their blog post on how to do each pose:

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