The 3 Month Academy to Propel You Into Your Prosperous Purpose!

You wake up every morning excited for the day ahead.

You are walking in total alignment with your God-given purpose.

You consistently expand financially, spiritually and socially.

You are creating a lasting impact on the lives of the people you serve.

You live a life of freedom and fulfillment.

How does that feel to you?

  • Struggling to walk through the doors of your office every day?
  • Know you are called to more than where you are right now?
  • Tired of building someone else’s dream while yours sits on the back burner?
  • Committed to unleash your superpower for once and for all?

Hi! I'm Trasetta Alexander! Just a few years ago, I was where you are now. I was working 50+ hours a week in a job with no upward mobility. I had little time to spend with family and friends, let alone pursue my purpose dream. When I did get time to myself, all I could do was sleep. I had NO ENERGY!

I was overworked and underpaid!

After months of coming home to my husband crying about how unhappy I was and being passed over for a third position, I made a decision.

I decided I could not let another year go by living to work. I knew I couldn't pursue my purpose giving all of my energy to my job. So I took radical action because I needed radical change! I turned in my resignation and applied to college so I could finally finish my degree.

I had no idea how I would pay for my classes or even my personal bills. We were already living partially off of savings due to my husband losing his job the year prior.

But the bible says, "faith without works is dead." I stepped out on faith and God met me right there. A week later my husband got a call from an old co-work about an open position and was hired on the spot. A couple months after leaving my job, I was offered a position that would give me the flexibility I needed to pursue my degree and paid more than what I had asked God for.

I wasn't really sure at the time what my purpose was but I now had the time and energy to find out.

It took me years of reading books, listening to podcasts, taking classes and consuming all the freebie content I could get my hands on before I was finally able to tie it all together. God gave me the idea of doing a mind map to connect all the thoughts and ideas that I thought were random and unrelated. That exercise helped me gain a clear picture of my purpose and all the different avenues God would use it to create my prosperity.

NOW I am consistently invited to speak at events and conferences, as well as, host workshops to teach other women of faith, just like you, how to connect to their purpose AND create a plan to prosper in it.

Sis, I want you to walk fully in your prosperous purpose also and that is why I became a coach. God is no respecter of persons. If He did it for me, He will do it for you too!

What People Are Saying...


Tap into the abundant wealth within you!

The best "aha" moment came about as I got the opportunity to dig deep while completing the exercises. I realized that I should not be broke. There is wealth within me that I had not tapped into and it's time for me to tap in. I realized that there is more to me than meets the eye. I AM POWERFUL!

Ericka Horne (Independent Consultant, Traci Lynn Jewelry)


Lakeisha got the accountability she needed...

"Trasetta is truly helping me by encouraging me that I can take control of my professional destiny and accomplish the goal of starting my own business. I would recommend Trasetta Alexander and Sister Spotters to people who need someone who will take them by the hand, encourage them but also hold them accountable for their professional success."

Lakeisha McCovery (Heart 4 Heart Ministry)

Purpose Pursuers is a 3 month program designed to PREPARE and PROPEL you into PURPOSE.

With The Purpose Pursuers Academy, you're getting over $3,700 worth of content:
3 Live 90 Minute Training Modules ($1,569)

12 Transformational Workbooks & Assignments ($519)

3 Individualized 30 Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions ($523)

Weekly accountability check ins ($1,047)

Private Members-Only Facebook group ($99)



The next round will be opening again soon. If you know The Purpose Pursuers Academy is just what you need to Propel you in your PURPOSE, sign up for the waitlist.


Grateful for a faith based approach!

"If you’re looking for a faith based business coach, look no further... Trasetta Alexander is your girl!!! She will Spot you every step of the way! How do I know? I’m glad you asked! I know because she spotted me and now I’m the founder of Divine Daughters of Distinction, INC. a faith based NonProfit Organization."

Tarisha Rogers (Divine Daughters of Distinction, Inc)

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