Hey there Woman of Faith!

Yes You. You might be thinking to yourself…”Not really. I have doubts all the time.”

I get it. I do too. BUT…that doesn’t mean you’re not full of faith. You see, Abraham, the father of faith, is recorded to have not wavered in his belief of God’s promise of a son. It says in Romans that he was “fully persuaded.” If you’ve been a bible reader or church goer for any length of time, you probably are aware while waiting for the promise of God to be fulfilled, Abraham and Sarah came up with their own plan to have a child that ended up producing Ishmael.

That doesn’t sound like someone who is fully persuaded to me. How about you?

YET…the Bible clearly says Abraham believed God and staggered not at His promise in spite of his circumstances. He was old, his wife was old and many years passed by between the promise and the fulfillment of it. What’s going on here? Did God forget about the product of Abraham and Sarahs plan?

No of course not. God sees us in the TRUTH of who we are, not the FACTS of our current circumstances. God cannot lie. If He says it, it is true. Where we get tripped up is in the time between when God speaks to us and when what He speaks manifests in our lives.

Why I’m I telling you all of this? Because Woman of Faith…God spoke to you some time ago about who you are and why you were created. He showed you a grand vision for your life. While it excited you, at the same time it frightened you. You wonder how in the world could I EVER do that! I don’t have the money. I don’t have the skills. I don’t have the connections. I don’t have…whatever else it is you can think of that prevents you from taking action on what He showed you.

I’ve been there. I’ve felt inadequate. I’ve struggled with the “how” of it all. I’ve made excuses. I’ve said when “this” happens I’ll move forward. The thing about it, is there will never be a right time. You will never feel ready. You will never know all the details of the “how.”

However, I’ve found this to be true. When you take that first step, God is right there with you to provide you with every resource you need to bring the vision to pass. If He gave you the VISION, He already has the PROVISION!

I recently served as the MC for a women’s conference where the theme was Purpose Proposal. The concept was to encourage women to “say yes” to their purpose. Ever since then it has been heavy on me to challenge as many women as possible to “say yes.” You were created on purpose for a purpose. The world needs the thing God placed in you to do and you are the only one who can do it. Don’t rob us of the blessing your purpose can provide.

Say yes. Say it afraid. Say it not knowing the how. Say it not feeling ready. Say YES!

If you’re ready to SAY YES TO PURPOSE…simply comment YES below.

Not sure what steps to take after you say yes? Download a FREE copy of my Pinpoint Your Purpose Guide.

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