While most people take family vacations during the summer months, it is the busiest time of year for me. This summer has been no different. In fact it has been filled many unexpected challenges that have placed additional demand on my time and energy.

The last part of July was particularly overwhelming to the point where I literally wanted to quit. I mean quit EVERYTHING!!!

Quit my job.

Quit my business.

Quit my church leadership positions.

Quit trying achieve.

I felt hopeless, insignificant, unworthy and as if I was drowning in front of the world, yet no one even noticed.

I’m sure you’ve been there and can relate to the myriad of emotions flooding my senses. In fact, after sharing about this on social media I received several calls, text messages and comments from other women who were feeling the same way. They thanked me for sharing so openly.

I have to be honest. I struggled with whether or not to share how I had been feeling. I’m not really sure why. I guess it’s because I’m supposed to be the person who motivates others. If I’m down and feeling hopeless then perhaps my clients or potential clients would question my ability to serve them. But the truth of the matter is….WE ALL FEEL THAT WAY AT TIMES. If I’m encouraging other women to pursue the entrepreneur life, then I have to present all aspects of what that life is like. Yes it is extremely rewarding in many ways. It is also very challenging and often times you’re alone in the struggle.

(That is exactly why I started Sister Spotters. I want female entrepreneurs to have access to a network of women who are on a similar path and understand the specific challenges to life as an entrepreneur. You can learn more about Sister Spotters here.)

Now, back to these feelings of overwhelm. I bet you’re wondering what stopped me from quitting and throwing in the proverbial towel?

PURPOSE! I know that God created me to encourage and empower others to pursue their own purpose. If I were to quit, I would not only be letting down myself but the thousands of women that God has called me to inspire.

“Purpose is the thing that keeps you going when everything around you says quit.”

Purpose is the thing that keeps you going when everything around you says quit. It is a burning fire on the inside of you that won’t allow you to give in the frustration…the roadblocks…the setbacks. Without it, when things get difficult you’ll have no answer to the question “why am I doing this?”

Everyone…and I do mean EVERYONE…has a purpose. You, too, have a purpose.

If you haven’t discovered your life’s purpose, I encourage you to download my Pinpoint Your Purpose Guide. This guide will help you discover what your core purpose is by walking you through several reflective exercises. It will even help you identify ways to monetize your purpose.

Having said all of that, know you are not alone in the midst of the “crazy” that life can throw at you. Though things become overwhelming at times, keep in mind the lives that won’t be touched if you give up. Don’t rob the world of all you have to offer. Your gifts and purpose are rare and valuable!

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