I love to ignite dreams!elizabeth-anne-photography-20-of-39

I’m constantly encouraging others to pursue their passion, whether it is business, ministry, education, or lifestyle. It can be a one on one conversation, small group discussion, workshop or presentation to a large group. No matter the environment, I’m right at home. I believe that tapping into our purpose is essential to living a successful life. Empowering others to do so is my own passion.

Speaking Topics:

Blueprints to Purpose: The most important life task you can tackle is to undergo the process of discovering your purpose. It is important because your provision is directly connected to your divine purpose. There are 4 spheres that connect to formulate your purpose. In this workshop, Trasetta helps you identify the sweet spot where they all connect to pinpoint your purpose.

Visioneering Your Business: Creating the business and life you desire requires vision. This presentation focuses on harnessing the powerful tool of visualization to train your brain how to recognize the resources you need to reach your goals. Trasetta delves into three focus areas of goal achievement and the elements of implementation.

The Perfectly Unbalanced Life: In this talk, Trasetta crushes the balanced life myth. As a bona fide crazy life conqueror, she shares strategies and systems that will help you take command of your schedule and reduce stress by focusing on priority management rather than time management. You will come away with knowledge and tools to increase your personal and professional productivity.